Dynamic Content for WooCommerce

Dynamic Content for WooCommerce: a WordPress plugin that allows you to show or restrict content based on the purchases a user has made.

How it works!

With this WordPress plugin, admins can use shortcodes on ANY page or post to restrict or show content to users base on the purchases they have made.

Let’s use a simple scenario. You are a store owner who is selling some low cost products along with some premium high end products. You have customers who come in and buy the low cost products, but you really want them to buy the premium products so you can maximize revenue! With this plugin, you will be able to identify users who have bought your low cost products and show them specific, unique content that only they can see.

And by the same token, you could also show specific content to your premium customers, offering opportunities and sales to purchase low cost addons.

However you want to slice it, being able to dynamically show and restrict content based on user purchases will help you streamline and grow your revenue generating online business.

And, that’s it! It’s that easy.

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