Easy Up-Sell for WooCommerce

A WordPress plugin that allows you to hide or show products to your customers based on what they have already purchased.

How it works!

With this WordPress plugin, Easy Up-Sell for WooCommerce, you can hide or show products to users based on which product they have previously purchased.

Let’s use a simple scenario. Let’s say you’re selling 2 subscription types: a basic subscription, and a premium subscription. You notice that most of your customers are buying the basic subscription because it’s cheaper, but you really want to encourage them to upgrade to the premium subscription so you can maximize your revenue.

To make it extra enticing, you want to offer a special price on the premium subscription, but you ONLY want it to be available to people who have purchased the basic subscription.

What you would do is create a new WooCommerce subscription product with the special price. In the Prerequisite Purchase drop down, you would select the basic subscription, and save the new product. Now, any time a customer visits your site, the plugin will check to see if they have purchased the basic subscription AND that the subscription is still active. If these 2 criteria are met, then the customer will see the special. The rest of your customers will not be able to see it, and will have no idea it’s there.

And, that’s it! Easy Up-Sell for WooCommerce is that easy.

example of easy up sell for woocommerce
easy up-sell for woocommerce

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