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A WordPress plugin that allows you to show users which products they own as they browse your shop. Ideal for subscription or membership sites.

How it works!

With this WordPress plugin, Show Active Purchases for WooCommerce, users will be able to see which products they have already purchased as they browse your store. When a user comes across a product they’ve already purchased, the “Add to Cart” button will be replaced by a line of text that you can customize in the admin panel. This plugin will also prevent users from purchasing a product they already own.

Let’s use a simple scenario. Let’s say you’re selling 2 subscription types: a basic subscription, and a premium subscription. A user buys the basic subscription. As long as the subscription is active, they won’t be able to buy another basic subscription. Instead, when they see that product on your site, the button will be replaced with custom text that you can set to something like “Already Subscribed” (which again can be customized in the Admin panel).

This is great for preventing members from double subscribing, and it also ensures that you are able to focus their attention on the products the CAN buy.

And, that’s it! It’s that easy.

show active purchase for woocommerce
Show active purchases for woocommerce

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